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MAC Analog Group is currently recruiting highly qualified and motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students to conduct research activities in the following areas:

  • Circuit Theory and Design.

  • Analog Design Productivity and Automation.

  • CMOS Integrated Circuit (IC) Design.

  • Microwave Energy Harvesting.

Successful applicants will receive a fellowship for the duration of their studies. Those who already have scholarships will also be provided with additional support to complement their existing scholarships.

We are seeking individuals with the following skills. It is not mandatory to possess all of these skills, but demonstrating a strong foundation in multiple areas is highly valued.

  • Strong knowledge of circuit theory and analysis.

  • Comprehensive understanding of transistor-level circuit design.

  • Prior experience in analog/mixed-signal IC design.

  • Familiarity with RF and millimeter-wave solid-state devices and ICs.

  • Familiarity with CAD tools used for schematic, physical layout, and design verification (with Cadence being the primary CAD tool employed in this research).

  • Proficiency in SPICE simulators and simulation methodologies.

  • Experience with AI/ML coding tools, e.g., TensorFlow or PyTorch

  • Desired experience in using scripting languages such as TCL, C, Python, MATLAB, or others.

  • Effective communication and documentation skills.

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